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Here, we believe that teamwork is the best way to serve the needs of our clients. We are a certified public accounting firm located in Lake Oswego, Oregon and offer a range of accounting and financial services. Whether you’re looking for the expertise of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA), a tax preparer or something in between, Sundberg Nicks will assist you with the utmost accountancy etiquette.

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Kevin Sundberg

CPA MT- Partner

Michael Nicks

CPA MAcc- Partner

Michael R. Miller

CPA MT- Tax Manager

William Lawrence

CPA- Tax Manager

Daniel Barger

MAcc- Senior Accountant

Jace Parker

Staff Accountant

Chris Fluharty

Staff Accountant

Leah Daugherty

Office Manager


Testimonials-Denny Barnes

My wife and I returned to Oregon after many years living abroad facing life-threatening illnesses and our taxes were a mess. Fortunately, we found Michael Nicks, a skilled professional who helped us solve all of our complex tax issues. He even got us significant refunds. Now, Michael handles all our taxes, including my wife’s income from two international businesses she has started. It is a great comfort knowing we are now in compliance with all tax requirements. I am pleased to recommend Sundberg Nicks CPAs to anybody looking for the best tax assistance.

Denny Barnes

Testimonials-Edelkrone USA Inc.

Sundberg Nicks truly understands the concept of time and finances, and they don’t allow you to waste either of these resources by always being prompt and thorough. Despite actually being in different time zones, it feels as if their team is right by my side, 24/7, always addressing my inquiries at light speed. I simply cannot emphasize enough on how incredible and prompt their support extends. Sundberg Nicks is possibly the only partner that I have ever worked with that when I receive an invoice for their services, I get truly excited to submit the payment! Not only will you not find a better and smarter group of CPAs for your accounting needs, but also have the fortune of working with really genuine people at Sundberg Nicks who make you feel like you are their only client regardless of the scope of your finances.

Testimonials-Northwest Private Lending

We have found the personal and tailored approach of Sundberg Nicks to be exactly what our business needed. Michael and the team took a great deal of time in their evaluation of our business and I am confident that they understand our needs and are managing our tax liability aggressively and ethically. We regularly have questions that come up throughout the year and I always get a very prompt, accurate response from them. I would recommend any small business to consider Sundberg Nicks and their great team.

Eric Larson - President

Testimonials-NW Technologies Group

Sundberg Nicks is fantastic! It has been a huge relief to have an expert guide on our side to advise and shape the financial aspect of our strategy as we continue to grow.

Testimonials-Jack Todaro

In the 2008 recession the fixed wing aircraft industry sustained significant losses with many companies going out of business. One major aircraft manufacturer (Cessna) went from 17,000 to 7,600 employees.
Due to Kevin’s innovative and creative financial management as acting CFO, the company we worked on jointly managed to weather the financial crisis caused by the recession with only a few employees being laid off.

Testimonials-NW UAV Propulsion Systems, Inc.

Kevin and Michael have outstanding knowledge of tax law as well as Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. This knowledge and industry experience allows them to quickly analyze a scenario or idea, and provide sound guidance to virtually any business or personal situation. If you are looking for affordable, knowledgeable and timely advice in the areas of tax planning and preparation, forecasting, banking relationships, operational issues, etc., Sundberg Nicks is one of the best small firms you will find to work with. We have been with the firm for over 8 years and are extremely satisfied!

Testimonials-Shawn Pilkington

Sundberg Nicks has helped us bring clarity and completeness to our accounting processes. We no longer are concerned the work isn’t getting done, or done right. Their responsiveness is fantastic, like having a team member! The transition and pickup of work from our previous accountant was seamless. They pushed and led the transition, no prodding needed. Although we are modest in size, Sundberg Nicks has made us feel as if we have an entire accounting department at our disposal.

Testimonials-Fountain Valley Dental

Sundberg Nicks customized a plan that fit my business needs. Their attention to detail and financial knowledge provides me peace of mind so that I can focus on my practice and let them take care of the accounting and tax side of my business. They are always available to answer questions or concerns that I have. In addition, they provide me with forecasts of my future tax liability so I can prepare and save throughout the year as well as offer recommendations to help save me money. Sundberg Nicks gets a 10 out of 10 in my book!

Testimonials-Healthy Living Chiropractic & Wellness Center

I appreciate how quickly Kevin and Michael respond to my questions or concerns. I love how easy it is to talk to them, and the way they explain tax lingo in a way that I can understand. They are knowledgeable, trustworthy, and dependable. I feel like they always look out for my best interest, and I love that!

Testimonials-Showers Pass Clothing, Inc.

Prior to Showers Pass, I was CEO of a public company. The amazing reality is I get more consultative support and directional advice on our vision and execution of our financial plan from Sundberg Nicks than I ever did from one of the top accounting/consulting firms in the US. They flawlessly handled the challenges of a shareholder buyout, and know and understand the tax code better than anyone I have ever met. We have been working with Kevin and Michael for 9 years and are extremely happy with their work. They are like an extension of our team!

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